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Album Review: Daylight - The Difference In Good And Bad Dreams EP

‘The Difference In Good And Bad Dreams’ acts as a precursor to Daylight's full-length album being released towards the end of the year. With the four new tracks demonstrating a more defined and focused sound from this Doylestown, PA emo-tinged pop-punk outfit. A direction that diversifies their sound with a more melodic and grunge tinged approach, while still holding true to its roots.

Taylor Madison's gritty, powerful vocal delivery shines on ‘On My Way To Dad’s’, but it’s within the harmonies on the track where you begin to see their progression. And it’s this vocal interplay between Taylor and Jake Clarke which works so well on ‘Hungry At A Funeral’. Daylight certainly aren’t out to seek completely new directions, or throw a curve ball at the genre as a whole. However this EP demonstrates a band that is focused on perfecting a sound, rather than breaking ground. ‘Damp’ is full of grunge-tinged riffs that trudge through with just enough intensity to carry the angst, while ‘In My Dreams’ concentrates on a brooding melodic build. This approach brings a more atmospheric air to the sound, and expands on the more straight forward approach - giving the instrumentation room to breathe.

Hailing - along with a long list of bands - from the pop-punk spectrum, there is an instant familiarity to their sound, although the dual vocal approach allows them to hold their own and separate themselves from the pack. If you were a fan of the band's first two EP’s, then ‘The Difference In Good And Bad Dreams’ cements this bands pedigree, with four tracks that will further build on the anticipation for a debut full-length release, that will no doubt place this band at the top of the their game.


Connor O'Brien

'The Difference In Good And Bad Dreams' EP is out now through Run For Cover Records.

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