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Albums That Changed My Life: Sierra Kusterbeck (VersaEmerge)

This week's "Albums That Changed My Life" contributor is none other than Sierra Kusterbeck of VersaEmerge!

The band are currently hard at work writing their sophomore album and gearing up for a string of shows in Australia as part of the 2012 Soundwave Festival.

Sublime - 40oz. to Freedown

I listened to this album non-stop, along with the self-titled, all through middle school. I grew up on the beach and it was always the perfect sound track to my summer and very warm winters. I was most taken by Bradley's [Nowell] voice, he's been a huge influence on my own voice.

Favorite track: Badfish.

Stray Cats - The Best of Stray Cats

My Dad would play this album for me so much, he would air the stand up bass while I air guitared every solo when I was six years old. This is the first band I really remember appreciating. I was in love with the way Brian Setzer played guitar, I was young and it was like nothing I've ever heard. I swore I was going to be in a rockabilly band one day.

Favorite track: Rumble In Brighton.

Saosin - Translating The Name EP

The first time I heard Anthony Green's voice was on a mix cd my friend gave me in my freshman year of high school. I was immediately mesmerized and got a hold of the EP. The real rawness of it is what took me in. Anthony's voice became a huge inspiration to me. Saosin was one of the first shows I went to, it was amazingly liberating.

Favorite track: Seven Years.

Modern Love Is War - My Love. My Way

My high school rebellion stage has much to do with this album. I was going through so much trouble, I was actually arrested the night of their show in St.Pete, Fl. I didn't care how much trouble I was in, I was more worried about missing it, but when my dad picked me up from the station I made up some junk story so he would take me to the venue. I got to see them play D.E.A.D.R.A.M.O.N.E.S.

My Love. My Way. made me feel less alone while also teaching me to be hopeful and push on know matter what. That's kind of my motto now a days. Jeffery Eaton's lyrics grabbed my attention more than anything. I like his mind and the way he incorporates and appreciates poetry. It made me think about writing in a whole new way, from different perspectives, telling a story and describing the detail of your surroundings the way only you see them, and most importantly, being dead honest because that's what makes it all real.

Favorite track: Late Bloomers

Bjork - Vespertine

This was my magic album. It was so hypnotizing with the bells, harps and choir. She's an amazing vocalist and such a visionary. I’m so inspired by her passion and the ideas behind each and every song. I hear fun and imagination whenever I listen to an album of hers.

Favorite track: Pagan Poetry

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