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The Dangerous Summer Release Statement Regarding Dropping Off Hit The Lights Tour

The Dangerous Summer have released a statement regarding why they dropped off their scheduled tour last year with Hit The Lights and other problems that occurred in 2011.

"I don’t want this to come off as a pathetic apology, but more a explanation for the reasons we dropped off our last tour and why we make jokes on

To clear the air, we LOVE the support that has given us over the last years and the releases we have put out, a lot of our “fame” is due to them and their constant support of our band. Yeah we have a lot of personal issues we go through as a band, but at the same what do you expect from a band that has zero percent of support from their parents, none of us went to college and we signed to a label while still in high school. Touring and being in a band was something that we jumped into without having any idea how to do or how to handle ourselves.

We tour over 250 dates a year, not only in the US but in Canada, Europe and this year we will also be going to Australia. This is all because of the success our band has achieved and the fans that have helped us reach that sucess. 2010 and 2011 were amazing years for us and we got to do things we never thought we would do. Reaching the billboard top 200, making the top albums of the year on, kerrgang, etc.

When october came around we had toured literally non stop, recorded an album, did 2 UK tours, did a 46 date headline tour, did Warped tour and then did a 3 week 5 year anniversary tour. We just weren’t ready to head out on the road for another small club tour right away. AJ had just gotten married, I have had my own things to deal with as far as my mental health and Bryan was just moving in with his girlfriend (who is actually now our guitar tech! how cool is that)

As far as the people we have offended by dropping off the shows that you expected to see us at, we do feel horrible, and it would suck to think we may have lost your support due to us trying to keep this together so that we will stick around for another 5 or even 10 years, this is not something we do for ourselves, we are not a money making band. We do this because we love to get up on stage and see kids singing the songs that have impacted their lives.

A lot of immature comments have been made about us and from us on and its one thing when a random user says something but its another thing when a staff member says something, we thought we were on the same team. We release material to them before anyone else to drive traffic to their site. There really is no excuse for that, we need to work together to put “respectable” music in the hands of the kids who have no guidance.

Back to the first sentence, I didn’t want this to be a pathetic apology but more an explanation, there is no way to do that without apologizing to the fans, the staff members and the bands that have been offended by the way we have acted, things we have done, etc. I hope this is something we can all squash and move on from rather than having fans who own our albums question the way they feel about us.

We do this band for what I believe to be all the right reasons. We are punk rock kids trying to bring a new realm to this music scene and trying to open the eyes of the listeners.

On behalf of TDS,

We love you, your support and the lack of support that keeps us driving. "

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