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The Word Alive Talk Lyrical Content On New Album

The Word Alive have released a statement regarding the meaning behind the lyrical content on their upcoming new album.

"Hey guys, just wanted to shoot you guys an update on some of the topics I’ve chosen to write about on this next album. I think most of them will be pretty relatable, since that is one of my main goals as a vocalist, is to connect an idea, a thought or feeling to the music the guys are playing.

So far I feel very connected with the music and it’s inspired me to write about a lot of things, as have just the changes the band and myself have endured throughout the time between Deceiver’s release and now. I hope that when it’s all said and done, you guys will really appreciate the lyrical content on this album, since that is what is most important to me.

I’ll be talking about the death of my late grandfather, his impact on my life then and now. I’ll be talking about those of you who fight for us in other countries, being away from all your families, and how honored I am to be a part of what helps keep your spirits high while over there. Another topic is about what it is TRULY like to be on the road, touring in all sorts of countries, and the toll it can take on not just myself, but the people I love back home. I’ve saved some anger/disappointment from the Deceiver album time frame to fill the void for those of you needing an angry song to relate to and let loose to, so don’t worry. Although, this is the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life so writing about things that are dark, is a little tricky this time around. I think it’s bettered me as a writer though and pushed me to look deeper into myself, and my past. I’ve written a song already and you guys have seen the lyrics. That song is really about stepping out from underneath someones shadow who thinks they are better than you, and that you don’t deserve to reach your full potential and basically completely disregarding that and living your life the best you can while you can.

There will be hope, there will be loss, there will be happiness, pain, anger and bitterness in this record. Everything I’ve felt throughout my life, will be poured into this album. I hope you’re ready, I know I am :)


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