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Album Review: Cursive - I Am Gemini

Cursive are a band of vagrants, straying away from the plethora of genres that have been plastered on them since 2000's "Domestica" by reinventing themselves so many times. Arguably, Tim Kasher and co. are some of the most criminally underrated creative minds of the 21st century. Creating one of the most angst-ridden, narcissistic concept albums with 2003's "The Ugly Organ" which only followed with a tour with living legends The Cure. "I Am Gemini" really feels like a return to form after 2009's "Mama, I'm Swollen" was stupidly swept under the rug by most music press.

The overture to this album, "The House Alive" introduces us to the concept of the album (notably written in linear order), the haunting screeching guitar echoes throughout the opening to this song produces a huge atmosphere between the very few members of Cursive, where Tim Kasher's all familiar croon places itself just above this. As with most Cursive songs, this one is then flipped on it's side with spastic distorted guitars and pounding drums carrying the songs so much higher. "Warmer Warmer" is driven by a rhythmic bass and a consistent drums beat over a plethora of guitar riffs compressed into one song. Somehow the song comes to a complete halt, complete and utter silence, the band quickly storm back in, Kasher hysterically screaming "Warmer, warmer, you're getting hot."

The singles from this album "The Sun and Moon" and "The Cat and Mouse" showcase a grandiose theatrical pop aesthetic which may remind fans of the arrangements on "The Ugly Organ". "The Sun and Moon" probably being the furthest away from sounding like Cursive than the band have gone and being a lot more radio friendly. Kasher's vocal range has expanded as, in this song in particular, he hits a lot of notes that he hasn't prior to this album. All in all, "I Am Gemini" feels like a true return to form for Cursive, although there's a continuous momentum throughout the record and no space to breath, apart from the interludes which piece the album together ("Lullaby For No Name", "This House A Lie"), Tim Kasher's lyrics are still brilliantly crafted and delivered on this canvas of noise to fit in with the concept itself.


"I Am Gemini" is out February 21st through Saddle Creek Records.

George Gadd

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