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Album Review: Every Time I Die - Ex Lives

Having never left more than two years between each album, you could have been mistaken in thinking that Every Time I Die had slipped off the map when the two years since "New Junk Aesthetic" brought about no new material. Yet what quickly became apparent with the release of their new album "Ex Lives", is that this Buffalo Hardcore outfit - far from slipping off the map - have come back to crush it. ETID have always come across as an angry outfit, but with "Ex Lives" these guys are seriously pissed off, this is the fastest and angriest you’ll hear Keith Buckley, and it’s not surprising that the frustration that envelopes each track finds ETID at their very best.

"Undercover Bimbos From Out Of Space" is chaotic, heavy and makes for a filthy foray to open up their first release since 2009. Buckley isn’t hiding behind cryptic lyrics, this album is straight talking and with the majority of songs clocking up short running times ETID aren’t beating around the bush with this release. "A Wild, Shameless Plain" is a short stab of punchy, liquor laden rock n’ roll, while "I Suck [Blood]" breezes past at mac 10 speed. ETID are able to chop and change tempos at the drop of a hat, proven perfectly with "The Low Road Has No Exits", far from ever being predictable, this hectic and frenzied approach is an exhilarating ride. This, matched by the heavy, trudging riffs has put ETID at the top of their game since the very beginning.

By the time the slow paced burn of "Revival Mode" drops in, you’re in need of a rest, yet "Drag King" instantly drops you back into the pit of desperation and outright mayhem. Although this album may seem to fly past, within its confines is a staggering diversity and easily some of the most impassioned, brutally destructive and exciting songs you’ll hear this year. This is an extremely powerful and accomplished release which sees ETID holding their own at the very top of their game, which after sixth albums is no mean feat. These guys deserve a round of applause, and another drink.


"Ex Lives" is out now.

Connor O'Brien

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