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Album Review: The Tower and The Fool - How Long

A big step from the two-song 7” "XIII", the debut album from The Tower and The Fool finds the balance between folk and alternative, the way that only artists as established as Frank Turner have managed before with success. What then, is the legacy of "How Long" in this aesthetically pleasing but competitive arena?

There are dreams locked within these songs. The nostalgic tones of "Broken" sums up the ambiance of the first few tracks, its emotional power tangled up in a web of acoustic guitars and melancholy, a backdrop to the hope in the desperate vocals, singing lyrics that beg for a change of scenery. Powerful though this is, it does beg a question of variety. As unique as TTATF are, and as moving as their songs have the potential to be, there is an untapped vein of a different mood, one that they neglect to mine.

There is a distinct lack of happy songs on the EP, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, song writing changes with circumstances, and this record does not lack beauty, you need only turn to the title-track, "How Long" to find an absolutely gorgeous piece of music. Soothing guitars and soft vocals tell a sorry tale of a mental wound that won’t heal.

"Valentine’s Day" comes close to being the exception, wearing the disguise of a country song and once again bringing back the nostalgia factor, which this time brings a smile that is irresistible before the hope in those lyrics becomes longing once again.

This record is a great listen, full of expression and meaning in a world where it’s increasingly needed in music.


"How Long" is out April 24th through Run For Cover Records.

Edward Strickson

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