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Of Mice And Men Learning Towards Nu-Metal Sound For New Album

Of Mice and Men frontman Austin Carlile has revealed in a new interview the band's new album is learning towards a nu-metal direction.

An excerpt from the interview can be read below:

"I think our newer stuff is a lot more structured. When I think of nu-metal, I think of Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot and even Chevelle—those types of bands. The songs are a lot more structured and they’re a lot deeper and the tunings are even lower. I kind of wanted to touch on that and have our songs to have more of a rock and roll feel. Just in your face, angsty, here-it-is rock and roll. And that’s what I think of when I think of nu-metal: structured, heavy music that has a point. It’s angry just like all the other music, but the bigger parts are bigger and the powerful parts are more powerful and the slow parts slower.

There’s a couple parts that are like that. We’ll have a part and it’s clearing up, so you think something is going to happen and it totally stops and does something completely different and then the part you thought was going to happen comes out of completely nowhere. We wanted to put a lot of parts in that keep the listener interested and glued to the song. Some of the songs are songs you’d listen to by yourself, but then some are songs you’d listen to while at a party or an event and have the same appreciation for them."

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