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Portugal. The Man Keyboardist Leaves The Band

Portugal. The Man keyboardist Ryan Neighbors has announced he has left the band.

Neighbors released the following statement:

"Dear Portugal the Man Friends and Family,
I know some of you have probably already heard this, but about a month and a half ago I decided to leave Portugal the Man. I did my first tour in the summer of 2007 and got asked to join the band that fall. I wouldn't trade a minute of it and it has been an incredible time. Getting to meet people and maintain friendships all over the world is not an opportunity many get, let alone being able to play the music we love while doing it. I was 20 when I joined the band, the guys taught me a lot about growing up and took really good care of me. It's actually hard to believe it has been almost 5 years. It all seemed to happen very quickly. Being part of the band and watching us grow from small clubs to Coachella and Conan O'Brien is nothing I ever expected myself, and us, to ever accomplish. I am proud of this band, I think the sky is the limit for Portugal the Man. You have all been loving and devoted to this band, and many of you from day one. The crowds have grown and I truly feel the love. Thank you all so much for the support.
I decided to leave the band for the personal feeling that I need to write songs for myself again. Portugal is always so busy and having time on the side to pursue other music was just not an option. John is an incredible songwriter and I learned a lot from him, the main thing I learned is that it's not easy, especially to write a pop song. For the last month I have been recording songs with my friend Kirk under the name Hustle and Drone. There is a link to a few of these songs below if you wish to listen to them.
The guys have been hard at work in the studio for the last month and I miss them a lot, it is very strange not being there with them, but I know adjustment takes time. I know Portugal the Man will make another great record and many more to come after this. These guys are my brothers and always will be. I have done my best to describe with words my gratitude, but it goes beyond what is written here. Thank you, all of you, for loving this band and giving us the opportunity to make music we love.

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