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Tigers Jaw Address False Rumors Regarding Ben Walsh's Absence This Weekend

Tigers Jaw have addressed the rumors circulating the internet today regarding the absence of guitarist Ben Walsh at the Road to Ruin Festival in Philadelphia, PA this weekend.

"ben was at a wedding on saturday, so we played our saturday show in philadelphia without him. before we played, i called out CHIKARA wrestler and dirtbag chuck taylor, stating he’d be a coward if he didn’t show up before the end of our set to let me give him an omega driver off the stage or something.

i think the only comment i made about ben not being there was that we were down a person that day. that’s it. “news websites” (hardly…) ran a story stating that i called ben a coward if he didn’t show up, then played an awkward set. neither actually happened.

of course, none of these websites asked us for a comment, and we heard nothing about this until the “reports” were posted online.

“FACT”: i didn’t say anything these websites said.

“FACT”: i would never disclose personal///band-related issues on stage or ANYWHERE until we agreed upon it with a blood oath - something no music website will ever see or be allowed to report on, since it’s none of their business in the first place.

“FACT”: without ben, tigers jaw is dead.

“FACT”: if any of these websites want to interview ME ( about what i might have said all weekend, i’ll gladly respond and put yr shit to rest.



Alter The Press!