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Album Review: Daytrader - Twelve Years

Long Island's Daytrader release their debut full-length record since signing to Rise Records. The band's quintessentially emo influences like Sunny Day Real Estate and Further Seems Forever really shine through, pushing "Twelve Years" on to the must-hear lists of any original emo fans and respectable indie rockers.

"Twelve Years" plays like a nineties/early 2000s records - not surprising really, given that it was produced by Mike Sapone (Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, I Am The Avalanche). It's Sapone's slick production combined with the bands' certain penchant for writing impeccable lyrics that create a classic in the making.

Fusing delicately rousing emo with raw elements of punk is what makes this record stand out so significantly for a debut album. Tracks like "Heard It In A Song" are lyrically strong (and reminiscent of acoustic Mike Park, complete with strings section) while numbers like "Lost Between The Coasts" and "Struggle Through With Me" add some pace and an edgier side to the album.

If you enjoyed Basement's last record and are a fan of Sunny Day Real Estate's "Diary", "Twelve Years" definitely worth checking out.

"Twelve Years" is out May 8th through Rise Records.


Chantelle 'Kiki' Goodchild

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