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American Opera Limited Edition Cassette Release

Antique Records have announced they will release American Opera's "Demo/Listen" EP on June 1st as a limited edition cassette.

As an added bonus, the b-side of the tape will include, "Live! @ GBS Detroit".

SIDE A: Demo/Listen
01. Bright Lights & Amplifiers
02. Spoons & Knives
03. The Only Things That Matter To Me
04. What I Had
05. Lift Up This City

SIDE B: Live! @ GBS Detroit
01. Sand & Seed
02. Sing Along
03. A Spot For My Sister
04. An Empty Cup
05. Songs I Used to Sing
06. Spoons & Knives (Bonus Track)
07. Bright Lights & Amplifiers (Bonus Track)

Pre-orders can now be placed here.

Alter The Press!