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Armor For Sleep Deny New Album

Ben Jorgensen of Armor For Sleep has put the rumors to rest in a new interview, that the band have no plans of releasing a new album.

Check out an excerpt from the interview below.

"PV: So, is this the absolute, final chapter in the Armor for Sleep story?
BJ: We’re not going to make another Armor for Sleep album. I can 99.99% say we’re not going to do it. Everybody has their own things going on in their lives, and people’s priorities change, and everyone is really busy with what they’re doing. And another thing is, that [while] we could all do different creative things, I feel like AFS is very attached to a certain time, and to do anything to dishonor that would be unjust in some ways. So, if we do other things – when we do other things – it will be outside AFS."

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