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ATP! Presents: Brittany Has An Appetite (May 10th, 2012)

Anyone who follows drummer Brittany Harrell (@brittanyharrell) of Georgia's pop-punk outfit, Veara on Twitter would know that her account is comprised of talk about WWE, music and things 99% food related. With that said, we invited Brittany to be a part of the Alter The Press team where each week, she will be writing a weekly blog talking about the best meals she has consumed and letting the world know about her love of food!
May 10th, 2012 - Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo was this past weekend and it's definitely one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. I love Mexican food so anything that gives me a reason to chow down on Mexican food I'm all for it!

My friends and I all decided to throw our own fiesta and make all the food ourselves. We had Carne Asada tacos w/ Pico de gallo w/ no tomatoes, guacamole, grilled wings, and chips.

The Carne Asada was a type of meat called "fajita" meat. This is really thin sliced steak. We seasoned it with a special blend of seasonings that we got from the Mexican grocery. We rubbed the seasoning on earlier in the day and let it set in nice and good. Then when it came time to grill the steak you put it in only for a couple of minutes. The steak is really thin so it doesn't take a lot of time to cook. You also don't want to over-cook the meat because it will become to chewy. I was the one grilling so of course all the meat turned out great ;)

Pico de gallo usually consists of tomatoes, cilantro, onions, jalapenos, and lime juice. We decided to do our pico without the tomatoes. I prefer it without the tomatoes WAY more. I feel like the tomatoes kind of take away some of the taste. They're kind of over-powering to me.

We diced up a few onions, some jalapenos, and chopped up the cilantro. We combined these all into a bowl and we squeezed limes all into and added salt and pepper to taste. The pico was great and excellent on top up the tacos or just to dip some chips in!

Next up lets talk about the guacamole. The guac we made was so awesome! We used a bunch of avocados, then added basically the same ingredients from the pico we made (that's the onion, cilantro, jalapenos, lime juice, salt and pepper). We mashed all this up into guacamole goodness! It tasted so good. I couldn't stop dipping chips into it. And I also put it on top of my tacos. VERY good!

Even though chicken wings aren't really "Mexican" (although they have them at a lot of Mexican restaurants around here) we grilled out some wings too. They were grilled and then tossed in some franks red hot buffalo wing sauce. They were great as well!

All-in-all our fiesta for Cinco De Mayo was awesome! I think everything turned out super awesome. It was also super cool that we all prepared and made it ourselves. I definitely want to do something like this again soon!

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