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He Is We Vocalist Responds To Bandmates' Statement

He Is We vocalist Rachel Taylor has responded to bandmate Trevor Kelly's statement, that was released yesterday.

Check out Taylor's blog below.

"Yesterday I had so much running through my head. All I knew to do was call my dad and email a friend. I needed to know that I wasn’t completely crazy for this overwhelming amount of truth that I let out..

I feel reassurance after reading all of the Twitter posts from everyone. Although there were a few that attacked how I felt, I was able to see past that and get the confirmation I needed. This isn’t going to be easy and if it was, it wouldn’t have been the right decision. It is so much easier to swim along the current towards the final drop off, rather than rage against it in hopes of finding safety.

I’m not sure if people have read Trevor’s statement quite yet, I didn’t even know there was one until someone Tweeted about it. I’m still feeling rather lost about it and confused as to what was communicated in it. I still haven’t heard from anyone yet but I will continue to keep fighting and doing my best to get myself together. This is just the beginning of something incredible.

Always writing and singing…even if its in the car by myself…I will never lose sight of what I love. I couldn’t have done this without all the support from fans and family. You guys have changed my life, from the inside out and I love you all unconditionally.


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