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Hit The Lights Robbed In The UK; Frontman Releases Statement

Hit The Lights had their sprinter van robbed into last night (May 24th) in Manchester, England. Frontman Nick Thompson released the following statement.

"Hello internet land, Nick/HTL here:

Last night at our show in Manchester at Moho, we had to park our sprinter van in a parking spot about 4 blocks away from the venue.

During the short time span between us back line/sound checking we had a lovely gentlemen bust out the front window of the van so he could swipe an i-phone, an i-pad charger an i-pod and a macbook among other personals/clothing that were included in bags that he also had the courtesy of taking.

There was nothing that was in plain view, we don’t know why our sprinter out of all the cars parked was targeted, but it happened. Straight up; it sucks. Broad daylight, not 20 minutes after parking, we won the crap lottery today. There are shitty people in the world, it in no way reflects our outlook on the amazing people of Manchester. The show was a lot of fun and we’ve always felt very welcome here.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t as simple as material things being taken, and there were a lot of priceless memories and information contained on the items stolen. Unheard demos, music collections and an entire record that Kevin had been producing for the past year is completely gone. It’s a helpless feeling and anyone who’s ever had their property broken into or invaded knows first hand what we’re experiencing.

We’ve never been big on begging or borrowing but at this point, any help would be greatly appreciated. The police have been MORE than helpful in the matter and have a description of the individual as well as some fingerprints, but we aren’t holding our breath for our property to be retrieved. It’s a big world and we know that.

We would appreciate any help. Banquet Records were kind enough to set up a donation for us, and we’re also offering 15% off at the HTL Merch store. We’re hoping between the two of those things that we’ll be able to at least cover the cost of what was stolen.

Buy Merch:
*enter UKBREAKIN upon checkout to take 15% off your order

One more thing: if anyone from Manchester knows a tall, skinny white man with a white bicycle who wants to sell you a macbook, i-phone, i-pad charger, etc - please retrieve several of his teeth so we can make a cool necklace. We guarantee free admission to HTL shows for life. Thanks guys."

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