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Juliet Simms Discusses The Future Of Automatic Loveletter

Juliet Simms has revealed in a new interview what the future holds for her band, Automatic Loveletter.

Check out an excerpt from the feature below:

"Is Automatic Loveletter on hold for the moment? What’s the status of the band?

Obviously, I won’t be doing anything with it for a little bit, because I’ll be so wrapped up in this. But it by no means is over. It had its fun and had its time for a little bit, and then this happened, and it just feels like this is what I’m going to be doing for a little while. When I get a break, I would absolutely love to write and do some more music with the band and possibly tour. Just like Cee Lo—Cee Lo’s got, what, five different projects that he does. I never want to just have one thing I’m doing.

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