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Albums That Changed My Life: The Rocket Summer

This week's serving of "Albums That Changed My Life" goodness comes from Bryce Avary aka The Rocket Summer!

Avary and company are currently out on tour, in support of the band's new album "Life Will Write The Words". Dates and ticket information can be found here.

Radiohead - OK Computer

I remember being 13 watching the clock in school and counting down the minutes to where I could go home, lock myself away, light candles and listen to this album. The songwriting, performances and production on this album are so incredible. To this day it is still so mind blowing to me. God bless Radiohead.

The Cure - Staring At The Sea

This album is a collection of singles from early albums by The Cure and was my introduction to the band. The Cure is so fascinating because Robert Smith has the ability to write the most monstrously catchy pop songs, then turn around and write the most mysterious, dark and ominous songs that in theory are the polar opposite but somehow remain so cohesive throughout listening to the Cure’s catalog. His hair and lipstick must be the glue that holds it all together.

Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream

This was the album I learned how to play guitar and drums to and to this day remains timeless. I don’t even want to know how long it must have taken Billy to stack all those guitars and perform them so meticulously spot on that it sounds like one gigantic explosive guitar. Good job Billy.

Old 97s - Too Far To Care

I’m from TX so country music is in my blood, yet so is punk rock. This band is from Dallas, where I’m from; they were my introduction into the world of alt country. Great lyrics, energy and story telling. I probably saw this band 17 times before I graduated high school. Girls loved this band, I took a lot of dates to Old 97s shows.

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