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Jonny Craig Discusses Life After Rehab + Staying Sober

Jonny Craig has opened up in a new interview about his life after rehab, staying sober and making new music again. Check out an excerpt from the feature below.

"In our print interview, you ended with talking about how you feel transformed and had found a new sense happiness, so what do you want to say now as a follow-up? What is it you want to tell people now that we’re a few months in the future?

I’m still just as happy and it’s because I’m doing everything for myself. I’m doing things and taking the effort to make myself healthy. I’m not just out here talking a bunch of bullshit for shock value. Just keeping going forward is all I can think about. A lot of crazy stuff is happening this year, but I just want everyone to know that everything I do and everything I sing and all the music I make is not only just for me, but for people who are going through the same shit.

I never felt like that was the way I wanted people to see my music, but now I see all the people I’m helping online and how everyone is all, “Thank you so much. You give me so much hope.” I just want everyone to know they don’t have to live this life. They don’t have to go down this road."

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