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ATP! Album Review: William Beckett – Winds Will Change EP

In April 2012, the world witnessed former The Academy Is… vocalist, William Beckett, flourish as a solo artist with his first EP, "Walk the Talk". The four-track-long release had enough quick hooks and lively choruses to make listeners plead with Beckett for more tunes. Three months later, Beckett gives us the second installment of his trilogy of solo EPs, "Winds Will Change" (the third EP is to be released in October, prospectively). "Winds Will Change" mirrors "Walk the Talk" in that each song forces Beckett to use his envious talent in a way that awes and electrifies his audience.

It is out of question to mistake one song from another on "Winds Will Change". Each song is easily distinguishable and damn near impossible to forget. The EP opens with the jaunty, Great Night, a bouncy lament about a let down of an evening (“I’ve had a great night/But this wasn’t it”); it’s a tune that is an ideal four-in-the-morning Irish Pub sing-along (or in the shower, if you prefer). Warriors is a powerful anthem with Dance/Pop elements entwined with some sassy lyrics (“It’s my city and I owe no explanation”). Putting a sharp twist on things is Scarlett (Tokyo), a catchy narrative where Beckett belts out, “Oh Scarlett/I don’t care how far it is/I wanna go to Tokyo from the West-most coast.” Listen closely; the chorus features a sort of Spanish guitar arpeggio that resembles TAI’s Black Mamba. The EP closes with the mighty Dig a Hole, whose pounding tribe ritual-like drums encompass Beckett’s bold, “I know the winds will change/Together we’ll get caught in the rain,” that, when combined with the electro-pop influences, almost echo Peter Gabriel’s classic, In Your Eyes.

William Beckett’s penchant for writing irresistible hits hasn’t changed since his days with The Academy Is…. Each catchy hook is laced with naturally poetic lyrics that conjointly leave an impression on the listener. "Winds Will Change" leaves its audience eagerly awaiting Beckett’s next EP and asking themselves, “How does he do it?”


"Winds Will Change" is out now.

Melissa Jones

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