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ATP! Album Review: Boys Like Girls - Crazy World EP

It’s been three years since the last release from Massachusetts rock band Boys Like Girls, and with the constant need for new material in our current societal state, three years is a long time. Many bands would have a hard time coming back from a break that long, a break which not only saw Boys Like Girls on an “indefinite hiatus”, but also parting ways with their bassist Bryan Donahue. Had they released a repeat of their 2009 album "Love Drunk" they probably would be slated to endure an uphill climb, but luckily for them, and music lovers everywhere, they released the "Crazy World" EP, giving fans something new that still distinctly cries out “Boys Like Girls made this!”

The EP boasts three tracks, giving new listeners and fans alike a nice little sampling of what they can expect from the boys in the future. “Be Your Everything” opens the release with acoustic guitar and frontman Martin Johnson professing his love. Arguably, it’s the track most likely to have been seen on their previous releases and eases listeners in quite nicely. Following the love song is the country inspired “Life Of The Party” which melds the typical pop-rock “na na na’s” with the country guitar to create the perfect summer song. The "Crazy World EP" closes out with the ever nostalgic “The First Time” where Johnson croons about his 18-year old days and how no one “gets a second chance at the first time,” a sentiment that everyone can relate to. Johnson sings “good to see you again” as the song fades out, which rings like a promise to fans that this is just the beginning of another chapter.

If there is any release this summer that distinctly embodies the feel of the sun blasting down on you as you drive with your friends around town with your windows down, this is the one. Filled with catchy beats and relatable lyrics, the "Crazy World" EP is three must have songs for anyone looking to build the perfect summer playlist.

Amidst the upbeat guitars, Johnson says, “You smell that? Smells like Boys Like Girls is back.” And he is most certainly correct. They are back, and better than ever.


Victoria Patneaude

"Crazy World" EP is available now through Columbia Records.

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