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Live Review: The Early November – Brighton Music Hall Boston, MA (1/7/2012)

The Early November have admitted openly they weren’t entirely present during their last tour back in 2007. With the already decided breakup haunting every set, personal and professional issues roadblocked the band from sending fans off on a positive note before the hiatus. But this time, in the middle of a three-date string of record release shows with Daytrader, the guys stood with solid feet on stage and a calm confidence that took the pressure away from making this their “comeback,” instead letting everyone enjoy the show with a band who haven’t lost their chemistry.

After a quick set from Daytrader pushing the PA system to the brink of blowing out with songs from their new album Twelve Years, the lights flood in and Ace Enders storms the stage solo to open with the acoustic “Digital Age.” The rest of the band quickly relieve the anticipation as they come out to a huge roar from the pit to play 2002’s “All We Ever Needed.” “Something That Produces Results” really gets the crowd putting their voice to good use as fans shout along to the songs that earned TEN so much support years ago. It doesn’t go ignored by the band, and Enders takes a moment to share his gratitude: “It’s been six years and it feels fantastic and thanks so much for sticking around” (later on in the set he’ll charmingly start apologizing for the smell as the band – and the entire crowd – is drenched in sweat).

In just the way Enders likes, TEN warmed up the usually impersonal venue with a few vintage desk lamps on amps for a living room feel. And with the two-step of “I Want to Hear You Sad,” this record release show is turned into a sing-along in your best friend’s furnished basement. It’s hot (this is where the sweat comes in), it’s in your face, and it means more to everyone here than just a band on stage -- it's a welcome home. “Fluxy” especially gets the crowd together with pumped-up hand clapping as everyone is just begging to mosh, and illegal luxury at this venue.
Of course, the band are here to promote their latest release In Currents, so its title track earns a friendly reception. But for a record release show TEN stay surprisingly far from their new album, holding fast to early material that gets everyone belting along with half-smiles and strained throats. “Baby Blue” closes out their set, but a “one more song” chant leads us into a much-deserved encore.

TEN return with “Ever So Sweet” and, finally, “Every Night’s Another Story,” when waves of “Breathe In Deep / Let It Out Slow” blare out from the crowd who are absolutely destroyed by this finale. Bassist Sergio Anello couldn’t help himself to a quick stage dive, and they were off. TEN’s grand re-entrance to the stage might have been made with a few new wedding rings and maybe a wrinkle around the eye or two, but the guys have annihilated any past roadblocks that have prevented them from offering a play-your-heart-out set to fans who are so glad they’re back.

Carolyn Vallejo

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