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ATP! Album Review: VersaEmerge - Another Atmosphere Preview EP

Earlier in 2012, VersaEmerge announced they would be going in a whole new direction. Literally embracing a new age, the Florida-hailing duo's aim was to capture an outer-space type sound and that's exactly what they have delivered on this new release.

Label Fueled By Ramen is no stranger to artists toying with experimental vibes for a pop-rock fanbase, and luckily, that seems to have worked for their label-mates. Who knows how it'll work out for these guys? If synth and electro isn't your thing, in all honesty, you'll struggle to enjoy this three-track preview of their long-awaited new album, aptly named "Another Atmosphere". But for those with an open mind, this three track sneak-preview of a full-length follow up to 2010's "Fixed At Zero" should keep you happy, at least for now.

Straight to the point with track one; 'No Consequences' forms the frame of all that is yet to come. Albeit a nice, catchy little number, there is an underlying inkling that at times, for the sake of some spacey, electro styling, the vocals have fallen a little by the wayside as they take on a slightly monotonous tone. Saying that, the lyrics are brilliantly defiant and it's clear VersaEmerge are ready to take on any criticism. As an added bonus; it's certainly radio friendly and would be an instant hit on the dance floor, too.

With 'Bones', you can breathe a sigh of relief. In one punchy track, it's everything you want the EP to be, with no pretension of 'letting it grow on you'. Both catchy AND musically on form, you don't have to be a superfan to appreciate its quality. Vocals from frontwoman Sierra Kusterbeck soar confidently, with just the right amount of synthesizer to perfectly compliment her already strong vocals.

Final track 'Domesticated', on paper, is equally refreshing. With deeper lyrics and haunting keyboard melodies, it adds a vulnerability to an otherwise upbeat EP. Its only downside is that in a rather repetitive ending; 'Domesticated' gets old a little quickly.

Whatever can be said about this latest offering, it is this that needs to be taken away: VersaEmerge are not afraid to push boundaries, and it is this that is propelling them into the spotlight. Rather than sticking to the familiar, their venture into something different gives a glimmer of hope for the duo's new album.

But, as with all change, there will be those who aren't convinced. With such a total shift in perspective, there is more than a slight risk of isolating old fans. With a new sound though, comes a new attitude, where fear has no place.


"Another Atmosphere Preview"
is out now digitally through Fueled By Ramen.

Claire Louise Sheridan

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