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Breathe Carolina Recording New Album This Fall

Breathe Carolina have revealed in a new interview they will start writing and recording their new album this fall. Check out an excerpt from the feature below.

You’re currently writing for album number four, right?

Kyle Even: We are, constantly.

What sort of lyrical ideas have you been writing?

Kyle Even: Lots of stuff! You name it, it’s in there. We were thinking about The Godfather yesterday…

David Schmitt: Yeah, we were thinking about writing a song about mobsters and stuff, just for fun.

Kyle Even: We have our movie themed songs — “Get Off Easy” was based on a movie called Wonderland, and “I’m The Type Of Person To Take It Personal” was based off a bank robbery, a set-it-off type of feel.

How have you grown as songwriters since the last album came out?

David Schmitt: Constantly experimenting, you know? That’s the way we grow, trying new things and getting into different directions, but keeping what we do in mind.

I’ve been told that you’re on a U.S. headliner in the fall or winter. Who is on that tour, and what can you tell us about it?

Kyle Even: You know, I think we’re doing a bunch of fly dates, so that’s kind of our mission while we’re in the studio. We’re not sure on who’s on the shows yet, there’s some names up in the air right now, just seeing what all hits.

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