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He Is We Vocalist Rachel Taylor Leaves The Band

He Is We has announced her departure from the band. A lengthy statement from Taylor can be read below.

"It has come to this.

I have to step back and realize that He Is We is a name. My heart and soul have both gone into this name, but it’s not who I am. What do I mean? What am I getting at?


Call it whatever you will. The body is just a vessel for the soul that dwells within. I feel as though He Is We has been this body for me. This body has helped me grow and learn so much about this world we live in. But like other bodies, this one has began to die. It has become unhealthy and detrimental to my passion. I have been fighting to keep the name and stick it out. Through this, I have lost my drive to write. I have been hindered and in a constant battle with myself. But today it hit me.

It is just a name.

Walking away from the label would mean that I would be walking away from the He Is We name but I would regain my freedom to be me. I would regain my ability to connect with you fans 100% with my words. I wouldn’t feel like I can only release what THEY want me to. I could be the soul that longs to escape this dreary vessel.

He Is We means being one with your community. Knowing that He died not only for those who believe, but for those who needed someone and somewhere to call home. This is what I feel my calling in music is: to be that home. I have had this name in my heart since the 11th grade.

But the name “He Is We” doesn’t make me who I am. We do. We make this name not only a person, place or thing…but a verb. He Is We is about moving. It’s about grabbing the hearts of those around us and showing them compassion. The name is not something to label us, but a lifestyle to lead.

I want to come to you guys first before I make any big decisions. All that I know is that God has called me to lead. I don’t know what it entails, but music is a certainty. Nothing will ever stop be from writing music. I can’t imagine life without writing and sharing what’s on my heart. This has been the first time in my 14 years of writing that I have been unable to LEGALLY write for others. It has become about being a product.

You guys are my world. I will be willing to give up the name if it means spending the rest of my life writing for you all. My happiness revolves around finding peace in music and confirmation in YOU.

This is a huge decision and I wanted to make sure you all knew why this was something on my heart. I am in love with music and my passion is being contained. I am not fulfilling what it is I am called to. Not completely.

I will be praying about this and hope you guys can give me some feedback and support. I want nothing more in this world than to share my lyrics and melodies with you all. You’ve helped me heal and I am so proud of the group of supports I have had beside me all the way. YOU guys made this possible."

Alter The Press!