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Sherri Dupree-Bemis (Eisley) Discusses Ongoing Hayley Williams (Paramore) Comparisons

Sherri Dupree-Bemis of Eisley has posted a blog discussing the on-going comparisons between her and Hayley Williams of Paramore. Check out Dupree-Bemis' blog below.

"I can’t believe I’m about to address this, but….Wow…I think I have to..Because you would never believe how weary I am of the Paramore vs Eisley stuff still going on all these years later. I still can’t get on Tumblr without something popping up regarding our two bands in some sort ‘them vs us’ sort of way.


I don’t want to be the girl from Paramore, she does not want to be me, I am not “trying to dress like her”, she is not ‘trying to dress’ like me, I am not trying to “have her hair” (btw, have you seen her hair? I am pretty sure it’s orange and I’ve never had orange hair) AND vise versa! Last time I checked the two of us had COMPLETELY different fashion senses as well. From what I know of her, Williams is very into the ‘rocker/punk chic’ look whereas I am strictly a vintage-dresses-whimsical-girlie kind of chic.

So, we both dye our hair? Is that what it is?? I started dying my hair when I was 13. Dyed it a dark purple/red. Since then I was hooked…and I’ve been doing it ever since. This was all before either Eisley or Paramore were even formed…ALSO, Pretty sure thewhole rest of the world is dying their hair crazy colors too. It’s pretty much all there is on Tumblr these days. Purple, Pink, Red, Blue, Yellow….Everyone’s doing it and it doesn’t mean we’re trying to ‘be’ like somebody else or ‘be cool’…It’s just REALLY FREAKIN’ FUN. I mean, have you tried it?? Trust me. I’m pretty sure that’s why ol’ H.W. does it too. Because she knows it’s REALLY FREAKIN’ FUN TOO.

ALSO, PLEASE let me reiterate…for the record: I DO NOT “hate” Paramore! I do not hate Hayley Willams! I seriously barely know the girl and I don’t even listen to their band…Therefore, you can smartly deduce that I neither want to be, nor do I hate her.

(PS. let it be noted that I don’t listen to them not for all the reasons you people seem to think, it’s just simply not my favorite style of music….and that’s OK!! They seem to be doing really well and that’s awesome because more chic-fronted bands should do well in the music scene!)

Ok, So, Yes, I was married to her current BF for like 2 minutes…similarities end there. Those two fell in love and would you believe it?»>I’m happy for them!!! I’m SO super happy it all happened because I later found someone who was REALLY made for me as well!! AND we’ve been married 3.5 years and have a baby on the way.


Annnd……did I mention this all happened over 5 years ago?

AND WE’RE ALL OVER IT! HOORAY!…so, good can be too! YAY!!!! :-D

But seriously…It’s pretty amazing…5 years and people are STILL re-hashing all this weird stuff and making it SUPER dark. Guys…you’re only hurting yourself by spreading so much weird, dark, putrid hatred about things you know NOTHING about. We’re both just simple, totally regular chics in bands, who love our lives, love our dudes and are passionate about what we do; Which is, making music for all of YOU guys. There’s no reason to keep comparing/and/or hating on both of our bands because of some personal things that happened in our pasts so long ago that none of us even think about any more because we’ve moved so far on.

It’s so incredibly not worth anyone’s time or energy to dwell on, much less to hold that kind of hatred in your hearts and make judgements about people you don’t even know. It’s kind of hilarious but mostly It’s extremely sad and kinda breaks me heart knowing that this post is basically pointless and people will think/say/do/feel whatever they want about Paramore and Eisley…but I felt like I needed to say something because It’s been on my mind. You can listen to both of our bands and it’s OK. We are just groups of people doing what we love most and that’s making music.

So ROCK ON Paramore! And ROCK ON Eisley. We’re all so completely blessed to get to do this for a living and have fans that support us! I just want everyone to get along. I know that sounds old-fashioned and silly…but why should it??! It’s the truth.

AND we’ve all literally all moved on…So, I feel safe speaking for everyone involved that…You can too.

ps. for those who have no idea what I’m talking about…please, for your sake, keep it that way. Ignorance is bliss!

love to you ALL,

Sherri Bemis"

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