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Albums That Changed My Life: Cady Groves

This week's slice of "Albums That Changed My Life" goodness comes from Cady Groves!

Cady is currently putting the finishing touches to her long-awaited debut album, which is set to be released next year through RCA.

Disclaimer: Dang! Picking just four albums that changed my life would be too hard. So rather, here are four albums that SAVED my life...

Alanis Morrisette - Jagged Little Pill 

This album saved me at least 6 times in my life. I remember going to Walmart with my mom when I was like 6 years old and screaming every word with her in our van for the following year. I still have the original album we bought that day. I visited it again about 3 times heavily in adolescence and in college it really helped me when my brother died. 

Paramore - Riot

This album was the album I listened to nonstop in my car for over a year while delivering pizzas 12 hours a day and it literally taught me how to sing. No joke, I refused to go to the next song until I had hit every note in the song before. It really formed the base of my singing.

Ashlee Simpson - Autobiography

This album seriously got me through my awkward teen years. For the two years I was in high school in a really small town, I started to splinter from my friends and was really bullied for it. I would go on countless walks with this blaring in my ears.

Miranda Lambert - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This album formed the other side of my voice, the softer country side. Like the Paramore album, I listened non stop until I got it perfect and this album was the biggest influence on my first EP "a month of Sundays"

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