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Albums That Changed My Life: Nick Santino (A Rocket To The Moon)

This week's slice of "Albums That Changed My Life" goodness comes from A Rocket To The Moon frontman Nick Santino!

The band will be heading out on tour this month in support of their recently released "That Old Feeling" EP. All dates can be found here.

Disclaimer: I listen to just about everything, so I'll jump from a record in a few if my favorite genres that opened the door for me to that certain genre.

Blink-182 - Take Off Your Pants And Jacket

Now, I love everything Blink out out. But for some reason, this record sticks out the most to me. I remember waiting for release day and having a plan to get it at our local record store after school with my best friend at the time, and he stayed him sick that day. I was so pissed cause he got it before me, but when I got out of school, him and his mom picked me up and he already bought me my copy. This record opened up the pop-punk door for me and I'll always have a special place in my heart for Blink.

Brand New - Deja Entendu

I remember buying this record in high school and never taking it out. I still put it on while driving the an on tour and get crazy flash backs of some great times in high school. Still one of my favorite albums today. Lyrically one of the best.

Jonny Cash - Live At Folsom Prison

This record makes me feel all warm inside. I got it when I was in South Carolina on a spring break trip with some friends. I listened to it non stop for a week. Every time I hear it, I feel like I was there watching Johnny play these songs. Folsom Prison changed my views on country/folk/bluegrass music. Now I listen to anything from Merle Haggard to Ricky Skaggs to Brad Paisley.

Tom Petty - Wildflowers

Wasn't that long ago that I got into my Tom Petty kick. I was with a group of friends out in Arizona and we went on a road trip to spend the weekend at our friend Jared [Monaco] from a band called The Maine's cabin. The whole drive up there was spent listening to mostly Tom Petty. Whenever I hear Tom Petty I think of this trip. Wildflowers is one of those Petty records that stands out from the others and really leaves a mark on my. The music and song writing is just Tom at his best.

Brad Paisley - American Saturday Night

This album really introduced me to today's country, radio pop country. I got this record in '09 on Warped Tour and while everyone was sweating to some fast punk rock or loud screamo, I was relaxing listening to the talented Brad Paisley tearing his guitar apart. Whenever I do long day drives on tour in the van, I put Brad on shuffle and let the iPod play everything I have from him. I've always been fascinated by his music and song writing. I know country isn't for everyone but you can't listen to Anything Like Me and not me amazed by the story telling and wittiness of that song.

Taylor Swift - Fearless

Fearless came into my life shortly after I signed my first and only record deal. I remember listening to it all the time. I used to have a crazy crush on Taylor (who didn't?) and so I was attached to this record. I don't know what it is about it, but every song is amazing. I like all of her stuff but Fearless is on top for sure.

Every album by Ryan Adams

I got into the Ryan Adams thing regrettably late. I was missing out on a lot of unbelievable music. It's hard for me to pick a certain album that changed my life by Ryan. Everything I own from Ryan has had a huge impact on me. I admire his simple yet incredibly deep and complicated songwriting. He is by far my favorite musician in a long time. I always look forward to hearing what he is releasing. I've had the chance to exchange a few emails with Ryan and he was one hell of a guy. I'd love to play or make some music with him in the future.

The Civil Wars - Barton Hollow 

This album opened my eyes up to harmonies. I've always had a soft spot for good harmonies, but this album takes the cake. John and Joys voices blend so magically together in a way where they seem to almost be created for this exact purpose. If I ever want to get away from the crazy, mad world we live in, I will put Barton Hollow on and drift away for 40 minutes. Such an inspiring and emotional album.

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