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ATP! Presents: Brittany Has An Appetite (October 3rd, 2012)

Anyone who follows drummer Brittany Harrell (@brittanyharrell) of Georgia's pop-punk outfit, Veara on Twitter would know that her account is comprised of talk about WWE, music and things 99% food related. With that said, we invited Brittany to be a part of the Alter The Press team where each week, she will be writing a weekly blog talking about the best meals she has consumed and letting the world know about her love of food!
October 3rd, 2012 (New Peking Chinese Restaurant - Augusta, GA)

What do you do when you're starving? Hit up a buffet! A $6.99 all you can eat Chinese Buffet to be exact! That's exactly what I did. No, I wasn't literally Starving but I was super hungry at the time. I was hanging out with Patrick and we both agreed to go to "New Peking" Chinese Buffet!

New Peking is a local Chinese Buffet/Restaurant in my hometown of Augusta. It is, in my personal opinion, the BEST Chinese food in town. The buffet is not huge and doesn't contain a bunch of different kinds of foods. New Peking does Quality over quantity and they do it right! I ended up making 3 trips to the buffet. Here's what I got:

On my first plate I got a scoop of the sesame chicken, 2 of some sort of meat on a stick, 2 crab rangoons (which are to die for from New Peking!), a spring roll, 2 chicken wings (so crispy and so good!), and an egg roll. That's just the first plate!! Everything was so fresh and so delicious. After the first plate I had to go back for more. Let's go for round two!!

On my second go round I got another scoop of sesame chicken, three more crab rangoons, two more chicken wings, one more meat on a stick, and another egg roll. Of course the second plate was just as good as the first. They keep fresh hot food coming out steadily!

On my last plate I went for yet another scoop of the sesame chicken (the flavor is so daggum tasty!), 3 more crab rangoons (they melt in your mouth!), and one more meat on a stick (the flavor is awesome!). Every time I would go up to the buffet it was very nice and clean. As I mentioned before they keep the food fresh and hot. This buffet may not be huge and gimmicky but they do the food right. New Peking is always busy and the food is always so delicious! My favorite dishes from New Peking off of the buffet is the crab rangoons, meat on a stick, sesame chicken, and chicken wings! I haven't had any chinese food better than here at New Peking. Come to Augusta and give them a try!

Visit New Peking Chinese Restaurant: 
2737 Washington Road Augusta, GA 30909

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