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Jonny Craig Writes Letter Of Advice To Younger Self

Jonny Craig has written a letter of advice to his younger self, which can be read by clicking read more.

"Dear Jonny,

What up young money? In case you were wondering, yes, you are still a bad ass. Who are we kidding? You weren’t wondering, you know what’s up. Don’t worry about those first janky tattoos you got back in the day for fun. You’ll get many, many more that look pretty sick. Oh, and you still know it all.

Alright, all cockiness aside, you only know most of it. But that’s because you’ve made a grip of mistakes. Sometimes the only way to find things out for yourself is to learn the hard way. No regrets, every decision we’ve made has made me who I am today, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

There’s a fine line between indulging in the entertainment lifestyle and forming habits that ultimately hurt yourself and those you love. You can only straddle that line for so long before ending up on the wrong side of it. So maybe be a little less impulsive and respect boundaries, they are there for a reason you rebellious little shit.

Never take your fans, family, or loved ones for granted. From day one, their unconditional love is what will see you through on dark days. People enter and leave your life for a reason, don’t lose sleep over the ones that didn’t make the cut. Make amends where you can and don’t dwell on, or resent, any severed ties or broken relationships. True freedom comes from letting go of the past, enjoying the present and looking forward to the future. Rising to the top of your game and making babies with a beautiful blonde devil is gonna be legit, I promise.

Alright homie, hope I didn’t get too serious on you, no one likes that shit. Now go do some Jäger bombs and keep your chin up when anything gets rough.

PS nice shoes bro."

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