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The Maine Push Back New "Anthem For A Dying Breed" DVD Release Date

The Maine have announced they have pushed back the release date of their new "Anthem For A Dying Breed" DVD to November 19th due to errors in the editing process and manufacturing delays.

Check out a statement from the band by clicking read more.
"Hello everyone, there have been some questions regarding the release of “Anthem For A Dying Breed”. We hope we can address all of your issues and give you some news regarding the official release date for our first full length DVD! The original release date was set for October 16th 2012. Due to errors in the editing process and manufacturing delays, we regret to announce that the DVD will now be released on November 19th 2012.

With the release being pushed back, we decided to take this time to add on some additional bonus features that we think you will enjoy. Below you will find the official breakdown of what you will be receiving with your physical pre-order.

The official worldwide digital release date will be November 19th 2012, where you will be able to pick up a digital copy on iTunes!

International Physical Pre-Orders:

South America: Pre-Order the DVD on October 16th

Europe and UK: CLICK HERE

Philippines: CLICK HERE

Note: Digital options will be available online for all countries Anthem For A Dying Breed

DVD Includes:

The Making Of: Pioneer (A 45 minute documentary that follows The Maine through the writing, recording, and struggles surrounding the release of Pioneer.)

The Maine Live: Sao Paulo, Brazil (Over an hour of concert footage from the bands show in Sao Paulo, Brazil on July 28th 2012)

Thinking Of You - This Is The End - While Listening To Rock and Roll - Some Days -Don’t Stop Now - Every Road - Into Your Arms - Misery - When I’m At Home - Take Me Dancing - The Way We Talk - Saving Grace - Like We Did (Windows Down) - Right Girl -Ice Cave - Don’t Give Up On “Us” - We’ll all be…

Bootleg: The bootleg section has been updated with… (This section is exclusive to Physical DVD only!) - “Jenny” Live in Argentina - “My Heroine (2010 Tour Version)” Live in Australia -

South American Tour Update (16 minutes) -

Music Videos: Misery & Like We Did (Windows Down)"

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