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ATP! Album Review: Deftones - Koi No Yokan

With a career that essentially spans across four decades, Deftones have always been battling on the front-line of their respective scene, always pushing ahead stylistically and breaking new ground. As a testament, go and listen to one of nu-metal's finest hours "Around the Fur" and then consider the ghostly 'Sextape' from their last effort "Diamond Eyes" - an album where the band finally broke free of the nu-metal shackles and explored different dynamics and textures. "Koi No Yokan" however, the band's second release without bassist Chi Cheng, carries on the tradition but features callbacks to their previous albums.

The legendary Sergio Vega of Quicksand fame (temporary filling in on bass duties during Cheng's absence) really brings something new to Deftones' palette with this album. His droning bass guitar really drives tracks like 'Rosemary' and 'Goon Squad' forward. There are tender moments here too 'Entombed' where a simplistic guitar riff is looped constantly throughout the song but developed upon with crushing guitars and a grandiose chorus, complimented by Chino Moreno's signature vocals.

There are moments like the frantic 'Tempest' which switches from a tender vocal melody to a crushing all out assault where Deftones really experiment and push the range in dynamics as the song goes on, showing that the band is constantly evolving.

The title of this album "Koi No Yokan" derives from a proverb, telling of a premonition that a future love is inevitable. The title sums up this album perfectly; it's not an album you can listen to once and think it's incredible, it's an album that grows on you with each listen.


George Gadd

"Koi No Yokan" is out now through Reprise Records.

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