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ATP! Presents: Brittany Has An Appetite (November 7th, 2012)

Anyone who follows drummer Brittany Harrell (@brittanyharrell) of Georgia's pop-punk outfit, Veara on Twitter would know that her account is comprised of talk about WWE, music and things 99% food related. With that said, we invited Brittany to be a part of the Alter The Press team where each week, she will be writing a weekly blog talking about the best meals she has consumed and letting the world know about her love of food!
November 7th, 2012 - McDonalds

What's the best thing about being up early in the morning? Breakfast.

If you are lucky enough to get up and moving before 10:30am then you will get to have your choosing of many fast food breakfasts'. McDonald's is one of these choices!

I've always loved the breakfast from good ol' Mickey D's. I love it so much that I wish they would serve it all day! If they did that then I'd probably eat there wayyyyy more. Ever since I was a kid I can remember always getting the Egg McMuffin from there. It's my #1 pick breakfast wise from McDonalds. Every now again, however, I will venture out and try other items (all of which are great!) but most of the time I will always go for the Egg McMuffin.

The Egg McMuffin was originally crafted to be an "eggs benedict" on the go. Instead of hollandaise sauce they use a slice of cheese so that you don't have to worry about sauce getting all over the place and being to messy.

The Egg McMuffin is constructed on an english muffin with an egg, "Canadian bacon" (or ham whichever you prefer to call it, haha), and a slice of American cheese.

Absolutely DELICIOUS! Everything compliments each other so well on this breakfast sandwich. If you're lucky, sometimes you'll get what I call "cheese paper" and then you can take your finger and rub the cheese off for a great treat! haha.

I got the combo when I ordered my Egg McMuffin and that came with a hashbrown as a side. Their Hash Browns are awesome! I recommend dipping your crispy hashbrown in some ketchup for a complete taste bud amazing sensation!

So next time you happen to wake up early and you're lying in bed with nothing to do. Get up, and go to your local McDonalds and partake in their breakfast awesomeness!!

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