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Fall Out Boy Re-Releasing "Take This To Your Grave" On Vinyl

Fall Out Boy's "Take This To Your Grave" album is set to be repressed on vinyl in late November/early December exclusively at Hot Topic.

More information can be found by clicking read more.

"This is being pressed on 2 colors, coke bottle clear and “random mixed” vinyl. Each limited to 750 copies.

I suggested coke bottle clear and the band wanted the “random mixed” vinyl so they decided to do both. I have no idea what colors will come out of the mixed random and if they will be opaque or translucent.

This will be $19.99 and up for preorder tomorrow, not sure exactly what time they will go up but Id assume sometime tomorrow morning. You will be able to order the “mixed random” vinyl and coke bottle clear separately. There will also be copies in select stores late November/early December."

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