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Hellogoodbye Sign With Old Friends Records (Fearless Records Imprint)

Hellogoodbye have announced they have signed to Old Friends Records (Fearless Records' new imprint). The band will release their new album next year.

A message from frontman Forrest Kline can be found by clicking read more.

"We’ve had some exciting news in our pockets for a while over here at hellogoodbye: our next full length record (which we’re about halfway through tracking with producer Joe Chiccarelli) will be released next year by the new label Old Friends Records!

Not since we released our first high school demo cassette on ‘Awkward Teenagers singing about Dawson’s Creek Records’ have we been involved with such a serendipitously named record label! Back when I was an awkward teen singing about Dawson’s Creek, I worked at the offices with the good folks at Old Friends.

It rules to be circling back around with good people and we’ve got a bunch of great stuff on the horizon like: a Would It Kill You? re-release (special vinyl and a live acoustic party set bundle) &: this new record, which is shaping up to be my favorite bit of work I’ve tackled!

So much more to come!"

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