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I See Stars Release Statement On Being Kicked Off Falling In Reverse Tour

I See Stars have released a statement on why they have been kicked off Falling In Reverse's current headline tour, which can be found by clicking read more.

The band have said that Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke's earlier allegations against them are false and the truth of why they were really removed from the tour is coming in an official statement from Sumerian Records.

"We have been kicked off the Falling In Reverse Tour by Ronnie Radke. It has nothing to do with “drugs” or “being late” His statement is entirely false. An official statement from Sumerian Records showing the truth of why we were removed is coming. All emails and contracts have been documented and will be shown publicly in the response to Ronnie’s post. You will find out exactly what happened and you will be disgusted to say the least. We promise you us getting ejected today has absolutely nothing to do with his lies about drug use on the tour or being late. It has everything to do with Ronnie’s antagonistic violent behavior towards us, his ego, his malicious intent, his financial greed and his demands of no one being allowed to know the truth behind the scenes of this tour."

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