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New Found Glory Address "Hiatus" Rumors

New Found Glory have released a statement regarding the false claims of the band going on a hiatus, which orignated from frontman Jordan Pundik's recent interview with Billboard.

A message from the band can be found by clicking read more.

"Hey Everyone, we want to address an interview that misconstrued something that Jordan said and mislead people in thinking we are going on some kind of “hiatus”. What Jordan was trying to say is we won't have an entire new album of originals until 2014 without letting the cat out of the bag about our live album idea with some new songs for next year. Unfortunately the press took that the wrong way or wanted to get some attention and twisted his words around. We love this band more than anything. NFG is proud to have the same members for 15 years now and has never stopped for a "break" and never will! We love our fans and we love our band. Love Us, Hate Us, Never on Hiatus!! Look for some exciting things from NFG in 2013!!! Love Chad, Jordan, Steve, Ian and Cyrus"

Alter The Press!