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Saves The Day New Demo "Ain't No Kind Of Love" Stream

A new Saves The Day demo titled "Ain't No Kind Of Love" can be streamed here.

The track will be appear on the band's new album, which is currently being worked on. In case you missed it earlier this week, Saves The Day started a PledgeMusic campaign help raise funds for their new full-length.

The band have come up with some unique rewards in return for pledges such as a private Saves The Day house show, a personalized EP from Chris Conley, a 'VIP for life' package (guestlist/backstage access for every STD show) and many more.

Check out a video message/statement from the band by clicking read more. Pledges for the new album can be made here.

Saves The Day is making a new album and we want you to be involved. You guys have always been the driving force for us to make music. It’s your spirit that we drink in and turn into songs. You are our blood.

All of us in Saves The Day remember the gauzy days of seeing punk bands in basements: shouting over a PA, covered in sweat, our hearts on the floor. The audience and the band: raw emotion. As the stages we played got larger, we’ve challenged ourselves to always draw from this raw power. No filters. Audience and band; a single weird gang. Through every record and every tour, that’s been what it’s about.

So we’re trying a new thing. It’s always been about us – you and the band. Now, we’re making this album ourselves and we’re inviting you in on the process. We want you in at the start.

The way it works: you make a pledge and we do something cool. We’ve got T-shirts and downloads and all the standards but we’re really excited about some of the other ideas we have. Our goal was to come up with pledges that were unique and meaningful.

First off, every single person who pledges will get an immediate download of a brand new demo, “Ain’t No Kind of Love.” It’ll be right there in our first update. And the full new album download that you get with any pledge? You’ll get that before the album is officially released. We’ll be in the studio in February and are aiming to have the record out sometime in the summer. Beyond that, you could have us come to your house and play an album, front-to-back, top-to-bottom, cover-to-cover. You pick the album. We’ll probably play some other stuff too, because once we get going we won’t want to stop. There’s more. We will record a cover for you – Jawbreaker? Weezer? Britney Spears? Your choice. If you know what Lisa’s Birthday Tape is, there’s something for you too.

So, take a look around and spread the word. We’re jazzed to have you along for the ride! And we’re psyched because once we hit our goal, we’ll donate a portion of what we earn beyond that goal to Occupy Sandy and Doctors Without Borders. We have close ties to Jersey and have many friends and loved ones who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. We’re grateful to have this opportunity to support the recovery effort there. And Doctors Without Borders is an amazing charity that’s consistently recognized for doing vitally important work to help people throughout the world – work that we’re happy to support.

We love you, and we hope the next time we see you, it’ll be in your living room with our new record.

Arun, Chris, Claudio, Rodrigo // Saves The Day

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