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The Early November "In Currents" Photo Book Update

The Early November have released an update regarding their photo book from their "In Currents" album pre-order stating that the book is now ready to be shipped out.

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"First & foremost, we want to apologize to everyone who’s been waiting for the In Currents photo book/LP pre-order. We know it’s been a long time. We’ve seen your questions and complaints, but didn’t want to give updates unless we could tell you, with confidence, exactly what was going on. First, a abridged version of why they took so dang long.

When we had the idea to make these, we knew it would be a big undertaking. Once we got to the manufacturing stage, we realized just how big it truly was. Similar books had been made in the past but none that would meet the exact requirements we needed. Turns out, there was no existing template for a 13x13”, 100 photo paper page, hardcover book with a sleeve strong enough to hold a vinyl record. A die had to be cut and tested, which is cool because you guys get a pretty unique product but a huge bummer because this adds a bunch of time to the manufacturing process. Combine that to the fact that these we’re being made out of the country but also needed the vinyl records to be inserted (on the west coast of the US) then to be signed by us (on the east coast of the US) and you have some serious delays. MerchNow truly had nothing to do with the delay. They are simply our merchandise fulfillers. We give them stuff to sell for us online and then they ship it. We and Rise Records had the idea to make these. We really wanted them to be awesome and something special. As we learned, doing something like that can sometimes take much longer than expected. The next band who decides to make this item may have a much easier time considering the template now exists (at this particular plant at least). You’re welcome other ideological band.

Now the good news: THEY’RE HERE! They arrived earlier today. We’ll be signing them first thing tomorrow and then they’ll be going out to you early next week. Expect some photos (and a video maybe) of the actual book over the next few days. Again, we truly apologize they took so long but more than anything, your patience has proved that TEN fans are the best fans in the world. 

With sincere thanks and gratitude,

The Early November"

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