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Travis Barker: Blink-182's New EP "100 Times Better Than Neighborhoods"

Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has stated in a new interview with Rolling Stone that he thinks the band's new EP is one hundred times better than their 2011 album "Neighborhoods". An excerpt from the interview can be read by clicking read more.

The band's new EP will be released on December 18th through iTunes and the band's official website.

"To me already, this EP is a hundred times better than Neighborhoods," says Barker, referring to the band's 2011 reunion album. "Because we're all in a room together." The trio recorded nearly all of Neighborhoods remotely, emailing the tracks back and forth to each other. "There's some songs on there that I love, but for the most part it was disconnected," Barker recalls. "It was like, 'You do this part in your studio, and then you're gonna play on it and send it back to me.' When we're not in the studio together, you don't have the opportunity to gel off each other."

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