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Cassadee Pope To Start Work On Debut Album In January

Cassadee Pope has announced she will enter the studio in January to start work on her long-awaited debut album, that will combine pop/rock/country, like “an edgier Taylor Swift [record], not as country, with more mature lyrics and more challenging vocals and melodies.”

You can read an excerpt from a recent interview with Cassadee by clicking read more.

"Were you interested in branching into country before you got to know Blake?

I had always dreamed of starting off in pop radio and crossing into country. I used to sing country; that was my genre when I was a kid. I’m from Florida, and my family somehow is really into country music. We’re all southern in a way: My grandpa hunts, my uncle’s, like, a redneck, and we’re all NASCAR fans. But when I was around 13 years old, I started playing in bands and became obsessed with Blink-182 and Newfound Glory. I didn’t pay attention to country music anymore; I wanted to do more pop rock stuff. On the show, I was pushed to try something different. Doing “Over You” was actually my idea — I wanted to make it a little more my style, not so country. But then people were like, “You did a country song, I loved when you did a country song.” My plan kind of backfired, but in a really good way. So that’s when I really started thinking, “Well, maybe I could do both right off the bat.” The sound I love, the pop rock sound like Michelle Branch and Avril Lavigne — that could be on country radio now.

Yeah, it seems like the female singer-songwriters of the early ’00s have paved the way for Taylor Swift.

Yeah, exa
ctly. Taylor Swift is something I’m really scared to compare myself to, but it’s true. I want to do an edgier, less country — well, I’m talking about her past, not now. She’s like, dubstep now. [Laughs] But, you know, an edgier Taylor Swift — not as country, with more mature lyrics and more challenging vocals and melodies."

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