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ATP! Lists: 10 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2013

Paramore - S/T (April 9th)
Label: Fueled By Ramen Records

When founding members Josh and Zac Farro parted ways with Paramore two years ago, it could have easily marked the beginning of the end for the band. In fact, it almost did. While the remaining three-piece are the first to admit that times got tough; what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

That said, if you’re picturing an angsty, hate ridden and heavy 4th record, you’ll need to look elsewhere - you’re not going to get it. With fewer members, the writing process has been a more intimate affair, and the guys (and girl) are keen to show off the talents of their now officially-appointed guitarist Taylor York. With Miss Williams being the first to confess that she’s happier “singing, not spitting” her lyrics these days, the much anticipated self-titled follow up to 2009’s Brand New Eyes promises to be an expectedly catchy affair. Yes, that means super-poppy, but no, that’s no reason to be put off. Let’s face it, when Paramore are more pop than punk, that’s when they’re at their best - and with the wait finally over April 9th, it’s not long ‘til you’ll see for yourself.

Pity Sex - TBD
Label: Run For Cover Records
(Photo credit: Ryan Russell)

With the release of their six-song EP Dark World last March, Michigan four piece Pity Sex officially solidified their sound as a musical Mecca for mourners of a beloved and bygone era of 90's emo. Their blend of that "midwestern" sound typical of bands like The Promise Ring with the feedback-flooded guitar stylings of Dinosaur Jr. nails a mood that manages to be simultaneously poppy and bleak.

Pity Sex recently finished up a tour with Waxahatchee, building up a large, loyal fan base along the way. They have now teamed up with producer Will Yip (Circa Survive, Title Fight) to work on a full length this coming April, and it's no doubt that it's already one of the most anticipated releases of 2013.

Jimmy Eat World - TBD

There’s still no title, there’s still no release date, but Jimmy Eat World have been teasing us with their eighth album all over Twitter and Instagram for months. Alain Johannes (No Doubt, Queens of the Stone Age) has produced the record that follows 2010’s Invented and which officially places Bleed American at the midpoint of Jimmy Eat World’s career. Number eight could either continue the lovesick, poppier sound of the second half of that career, or it could return to the grittier, rawer sound of their ‘90's work – either way, we’re amped to find out.

We Are The In Crowd - TBD
Label: Hopeless Records

With the successes and relentless touring schedules of 2012 ensuring that We Are The In Crowd are the ones to watch, the five piece are soon set to return with their second studio album - their most anticipated release to date. Although the date is yet to be set in stone, the band seem pretty confident in the tracks they've yet to record. Everyone knows there's nothing more binding than a pinky promise, so now that WATIC have declared they'll be "bigger, better and weirder than ever" for the new year, we're holding them to it. You should too, because we're fairly sure they'll deliver. After all, if the past is anything to go by, for these guys, the only way is up.

Tigers Jaw - TBD
Label: Run For Cover Records
(Photo credit: Josh Hicke)

Despite punctuating their relative silence with non-stop splits with every band ever, it's been a good two years since Tigers Jaw's last full-length. Of course, Adam (McIlwee, vocals/guitar) has been submerged in the trippy haze of his pseudo-goth rave side-project Wicca Pha$e $pring$ Eternal, but the Scranton five-piece recently ventured out on a brief tour with Title Fight and Pianos Become The Teeth and are set to release the follow up to 2010's Two Worlds via Run For Cover sometime in 2013. Judging from the fact that everything Tigers Jaw has released to date has been no less than bewitching, you'd better keep your ears peeled for something magical.

Tonight Alive - TBD
Label: Fearless Records

2012 proved to be a superb year for Tonight Alive. After a year of non-stop touring, the pop-rock outfit are returning home to Australia to record their so-far untitled follow-up to 2011's What Are You So Scared Of? On top of their 2013 Vans Warped Tour confirmation, the group is excited to kick back and finish the new record in the comfort of their home capital, Sydney, hoping it will have a positive effect on their song writing. Tonight Alive have been in the studio since December and are currently gearing up for another hectic year of international touring.

Cassadee Pope - TBD
Label: Universal Music Nashville

Cassadee Pope has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. After spending the latter part of her teenage years touring and releasing records as the lead singer of Hey Monday, winning season three of The Voice is the impetus Pope needed to jumpstart her solo career to unparalleled heights. The twenty three year old chose not waste time after her landmark victory as the youngest and first female winner of the show. Not even one month has passed since her unforgettable win and Pope is already in the recording studio mixing together old and new song ideas for her old and new fans, music that is an “edgier, less country” version of Taylor Swift. After witnessing her progress throughout the years with Hey Monday and in the present with her achievements from The Voice, there is no question that 2013 will be Cassadee Pope’s year.

The Summer Set  - TBD
Label: Fearless Records

Almost two years since the group’s second full-length release Everything’s Fine, The Summer Set is looking to gift us with some more sugar glazed pop-rock songs that they know how to do so well. And with the release of “F**k U Over” in October, it seems that they’ve got some pretty darn good jams up their sleeves. Of course, if you can’t wait until the elusive date of “early 2013”, you can catch TSS on their “Wake Up & Be Awesome Tour” where, according to their website, they plan on debuting some of their new songs.

Candy Hearts - TBD
Label: Violently Happy Records

Candy Hearts have been keeping busy, having released their last EP The Best Ways To Disappear only last November and touring through the end of 2012. Their last release was met with an overall nod of approval, but as their producer Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory recently said about signing the group to his new label Violently Happy, “The thing about Candy Hearts is that they’re nowhere near their potential.” This is why 2013 will be a big year for the band. Whether it’s just an extension of their latest EP or a completely new production for the band, their 2013 record fill finally let us see how far Gilbert is willing to push Mariel Loveland and the rest of the band’s bittersweetness to reach that potential.

The Cab - TBD
Label: Universal Republic Records

The last time The Cab took a breather between albums, fans had to wait a little over three years to get new material - a risky move in the climate of an industry that all-too-easily forgets artists just days after pegging them as the new best thing. (Though, who could really forget The Cab, right?) The boys aren’t taking that chance again, however, already writing and recording for their still untitled album, due out some time this year. And knowing the people they’ve worked with in the past (Adam Levine and Bruno Mars, anyone?) and just how much they grew between Whisper Wars and Symphony Soldier it really shouldn’t be a surprise that this is one release we can’t wait for and, luckily, we don’t have to.

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