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Mayday Parade Returns To Fearless Records

Mayday Parade have announced they signed to Fearless Records for their fourth full-length album.

The band will start writing their long-awaited new album next week in Florida.

You can read an excerpt from the announcement by clicking read more.

"Although little of the new album has officially been written, Mayday Parade lead singer Derek Sanders was audibly excited to get the ball rolling when we spoke with him this week: "We're about to get together in a week to start officially writing as a band," revealed Sanders. "We're going to spend about a month at a beach house in Florida writing together. We've all been working on ideas." No official recording location has been nailed down yet, though the band's playing with the idea of returning to his old recording haunts. "We did our first and third album with Kenneth and Zack Odom (ZK Productions) in Atlanta, and I think there's a pretty strong possibility we'll go back there."

Now officially back on Fearless Records for their upcoming record, Sanders was quick to praise the Mayday's relationship with their on-again label: "With a lot of bands, you hear them complain about their labels. You hear these horror stories. But we have nothing bad to say about Fearless. We did the major label thing a little bit, but it was a weird time for us. We didn't really enjoy that experience. I think we operate [best] being completely in charge creatively of the music that we make. That's why we started this band seven years ago."

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