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ATP! Essential Listening: Sky Ferreira

Despite her EP’s, eight music videos, countless magazine shoots, and a record deal, Sky Ferreira still isn’t old enough to drink. It seems common for models or actors to create a music career off the back of their success. Usually, we know how that ends, but then there’s Sky Ferreira - a blonde bombshell ready to take the music industry by storm.

Sky Ferreira is more than your average pretty face from Los Angeles (with huge emphasis on the “pretty”). It’s really easy to get lost in all the things she does. From covering magazines like V to rocking neon lipstick for Adidas, Ferreira has been pretty busy over the past five years. She was in the “MySpace Music” scene for a while. Luckily, she was a one of the many artists to make it out with a record deal. Not long after, her first EP As If! dropped around the same time her single ‘Obsession’ was featured on the show Vampire Diaries while she was shooting a commercial for Calvin Klein. That all seems like a lot to take in, but it is obvious Ferreira has the audacity and ethic to keep her composure in the midst of all her projects.

There has been a lot of argument, especially among female singers, about image. Whether or not a singer is “authentic” or “a phase” or “original”. But Ferreira has been fighting off the criticism and has simply flipped the bird on it. Ferreira is a singer, a really good one, and that’s all she does and portrays to be. Her music ranges from 80’s power pop to borderline surfer-rock. It is especially noticeable in her Ghost – EP. The filthy bass and drums in ‘Lost in my Bedroom’ immediately balance out the slow acoustic ballad sound of ‘Sad Dream’. Both her EP’s include different kinds of music, but she successfully blends them together with her Karen O and Madonna-like vocals to make an overall incredible sound. In short, you will never get tired of Sky Ferreira. Feeling mellow? Her soothing vocals in ‘Ghost’ will turn your room in to a jazz club rented out just for you. Feeling vivacious? The opening guitars and drums in ‘Obsession’ will turn any street you walk on in to your personal catwalk.

Remember, Ferreira has accomplished all of this before she can even (legally) sip on Jack. She’s making a festival circuit run this summer, but it won’t be surprising when she starts headlining those very same festivals. Check her out below and try to refrain from making out with the screen.
Essential Listening: 'Red Lips'

- Words by Jordan Wyman

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