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ATP! Lists: Six Degrees Of Separation - All Time Low

Pop/rock favorites All Time Low have been around for quite a while now. Going on 10 years, in fact, and in that time they’ve released five studio albums, worked with numerous artists and producers and traveled the world. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that they know a whole slew of people. But 'Six Degrees...' isn't about the people they do know, but those they don’t.

So with that in mind, we decided to try to connect, in six steps or less, All Time Low with an artist that one would think would be near impossible to tie them to: Nicki Minaj.

1) Demi Lovato

To start off our road from All Time Low to Nicki Minaj, we head to the former Disney star and X Factor US judge Demi Lovato. Rumors were rampant in 2010 when singer Alex Gaskarth was spotted hanging out with Lovato, fans of both sides quickly jumping to the conclusion that they must have been dating. Gaskarth denied rumors and stated that the pair were just friends, something they remain to this day, though admittedly, if we were her, we’d have a hard time forgiving him and guitarist Jack Barakat if they’d ever Punk’d us. Lovato helps link ATL to....

2) Selena Gomez

Both Lovato and Gomez have more in common than their Disney roots, as the two Texas girls lived just 20 minutes away from each other. Not only that, but the pair were best friends who not only recorded a couple of jams together, but who also starred in a movie together. While Lovato stated in a 2012 interview with Self magazine that the two weren’t quite as close as they’d been, the two remain friends and help get us one step closer to our final goal. From Gomez, we are able to move on to none other than...

3) Justin Bieber

We’re sure at this point we all know the connection between Gomez and Bieber and, well, there’s really no need to repeat the same story all the gossip columns are running on these two. (For those of you who may have been living under a rock though, the actress and pop star were a couple for about two years until this past December when the two called it quits.) What is most important is that this connection moves us on to...

4) Usher

The R&B star is known for being the mentor to Bieber, helping to mold him into the popstar that we know-- in some cases, grudgingly so-- today. The two came together after meeting through Bieber’s manager when he was just 13 years old and the rest is more or less history. But the Canadian singer isn’t the only Top 40s star Usher has worked with, which is how we come to are final stop...

5) Nicki Minaj

According to the New York Times, Minaj has been “hailed, with some justification, as the most influential female rapper of all time” a praise that would be hard to believe if the rapper didn’t have a platinum debut album and quadruple-platinum single under her belt. Usher obviously saw something in her, as the two wrote and recorded the song ‘Lil Freak’ months before her album Pink Friday even dropped. And so with that, we’ve done the impossible (okay, maybe impossible is an over exaggeration) and linked Baltimore’s own All Time Low to hip-hop princess, Nicki Minaj.

- Victoria Patneaude

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