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ATP! Presents: Cassadee's Corner (February 2013)

Our very own in-house guidance counselor Cassadee Pope is back, with her latest monthly installment of "Cassadee's Corner".

Each month, Cassadee will be answering questions and offering advice about school, relationships, breaking into name it! If you have anything on your mind that you would like to ask Cassadee, drop her an e-mail at with the subject title "Cassadee's Corner" and your question might be featured in next month's column!

What's one thing that you hope your fans learn from you? Your one biggest piece of advice to all of us?

I hope I give people a sense of positivity. One thing I truly believe in is if you put out positive energy, you will get it back. I'm not trying to pretend I am sunshine and rainbows every day, but I do try and see the good in every situation.

I need help... I was dating this guy, who is really close to my best friend, and he really liked me, but for me it wasn't much more than a little crush. We broke up, and it was fine for a while, but then he started trying to flirt with me again. I called him on it, and told him that wasn't okay, but there's just no talking to him, you know? He keeps saying how nothing's changed, but it has and I can't seem to make him understand that. I got mad the other day and kind of blew up at him, and he hates me now. So what do I do? Talk to him, be 'friends' and deal with his flirting and have this whole thing happen all over again, or just let him go on hating me?

I think him being upset with you because you voiced how you're uncomfortable with his flirting just shows that he needs to mature a lot. As a girl who has toured and been around a lot of guys on the road, I know what's it's like to have to draw that line between friendship and flirtation. Some guys get it, and some get fussy because they want more. I think this particular guy doesn't seem to get it. Don't compromise your morals for someone who doesn't respect them.

I'm 20 years old and I still haven't had my first boyfriend yet. Guys tend to only see me as a friend type and never something more. Could be because I always call them dude and I'm not great at the whole flirting thing. I figured since you and Rian are so cute together that you could have some insight for me.

I say don't be afraid of what's in your heart. If you start developing feelings for a guy, drop hints! If you're uncomfortable with coming right out and saying you like the person, then give them some signs to feel confident enough to pursue you. I bet the guys you think that see you as a "friend type" are just intimidated and need that push to make a move.

My mom is a very religious woman and she's always been anti-same sex marriage. I have recently been having trouble with accepting myself as a lesbian but I have now come to terms with it and I just want to find a way to tell my mother. I'm so scared that she will reject me or kick me out of the house. I could always go live with my dad (who I am sure will be fine with my sexual orientation) but I don't want to lose my mother. She is an amazing woman although she is not always a very understanding person, I still love her. I just don't know how to tell her.

You are who you are, and you love who you love. I think you need to come out to your mother because A) you will feel relieved, and B) it will be better to hear it from you than from someone else. If your mother isn't understanding sometimes, be prepared for some backlash. She might be upset at first, but if she loves you, she will come around. It's good that you have your father to rely on for some immediate support. Some people don't even have one parent to lean on. Just trust in the unconditional love your mom has for you. It will conquer all the negative thoughts she may have at first.

I really want to try out for The Voice next year. What should I do to prepare for the audition? I haven't done any singing in ten years now. Could that hurt me?

Since you haven't sang in 10 years, I strongly urge you to do two 30 minute vocal warm ups a day to prepare for your audition. Because if you make it, much more singing will follow and you will need to build up your endurance for that. As for the audition itself, go in there and HAVE FUN. All the casting team wants to see is someone having fun and loving what they're doing. Have a clear vision of what kind of artist you are and want to be because they want individuals. They love building off of YOUR vision. You've picked the right place and I hope you make it!

Besides a musical and singing career, what other job choice would you choose?

I couldn't imagine a career in anything but music! But if I had to decide now, I'd probably pursue acting. It's still entertainment and I've always loved doing it.

My parents are getting divorced right now and my dad is moving. I have never been close to him but with him moving so far away, I'm never going to see him. It bothers me that I never talk to him and never see him but it hurts me too much to see him. I don't know how to stay in contact with him and still stay happy.

Going through your parents divorce is one of the hardest things a kid has to experience. The one thing you have to remember is that they are better off apart. Yes, marriage is an oath and you vow to stay together til death, but when is enough enough? I believe your parents would have stayed together if they were happy. This decision is best for everyone involved, believe it or not. You may not see that now but you will later. As for staying in touch with your father, that can't be one sided. You BOTH have to make the effort. It won't be easy but maybe a system would help. Set a number of times you call him a week or a month. That way you know you've put forth the effort to stay in contact with him, and he also feels like you are trying.

My best friend has had feelings for this guy I like. But it wasn't until only recently that she told me she apparently had feelings for him for a while now. She says she's not going to act on it though. I don't exactly know what to do because I really like this guy but my relationship with my friend is also very important to me.

There are a few things you have to ask yourself before you can make a decision. Are you going to act on the feelings you have for this guy? If you don't plan to, is it fair to have your friend not act on hers? I know there's a girl code for not dating your best friend's ex and crush, but if you want to "save" him for yourself, you have to make something of it. She seems like a really good friend for laying off. So I'm sure whatever decision you make, she'll be on board.

When did you start swapping the t-shirts for dresses and sneakers for heels? I feel like I transitioned it with you as I grew up from being 16 to 20 as I followed the band and you after.

Just as you said, we've both grown up. Most people's tastes change with age. Whether that be their taste in music, clothes, or hair, we tend to change our minds with growth. For me, I started exploring with different clothing around age 21. On stage I love wearing flats and pants. On The Voice I always wore heels because on TV that usually looks better. Now I just dabble in everything. I'm a very casual person in everyday life. But for special occasions or events, I bring it up a notch!

I was wondering how involved in the recording process are you right now, and how much would you like to be in the future? 

I am VERY involved in the recording process. When you write a song, it becomes like a child. You want to be there for every step of its evolution and growth. I love being in the studio so I find any excuse to be there, even if I am of no use. I will always want to be present for the recording process because that's just the kind of artist I am.

What is another passion of yours out side of music?

I absolutely love cooking, fashion, Pilates, and acting. :)

My question for you is what can your fans expect from you in 2013?

Fans can expect a new album, music videos, tours, appearances, and hopefully world domination!

At the height of your career, what seems to keep you grounded on the here and now? What keeps you normal?

I'm always thinking of the next chapter. That is sometimes not the best thing, because there have been amazing accomplishments that I haven't soaked up. I try to live in the now but I can't help but want to keep moving up and forward. I also have incredible people surrounding me. My friends, family, boyfriend, label, management, everyone is real and genuine. Once you get sucked into the superficial world, you lose yourself. And that will never be me.

My names Katey and I'm 15 so I really like this guy but he has lost all trust in every girl because his ex cheated on him. But anyways he said he likes me and stuff but he gets nervous around me .. But then I see him walking with this other girl and seems totally fine. So it's making me think either something is wrong with me.. So needless to say I'm doubting myself. I need advice please!

This guy may not have feelings for that other girl. That may be why he seems so comfortable with her. Don't doubt yourself just because of him. He's the one who has reservations because of his past relationship. All you can do is be you and prove that not all girls suck. The rest is up to him.

I am having trouble deciding what to do with my life. I have a two year college degree, but yet no real direction on what to do with it. I hate doing the same thing all the time with no change. I want something exciting to do, and something that will keep me on my toes all the time. I'm just not sure what it is. I keep getting pressure from my family and friends to figure it out, but to me it is hard decision to make. I need some advice.

I hate to say this, but I don't think I'm qualified to give you advice on which career path you should take. All I can say is if you like excitement and want something that is ever-changing, look into something that has you travel. Traveling the world is something that always brings new and different things into your life. I suggest going to a career coach or someone who specializes in finding jobs for people such as yourself. Good luck!

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