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Mariel Loveland (Candy Hearts) Posts Blog On The Importance Of Music

Candy Hearts frontwoman Mariel Loveland has posted a new blog on the importance of music to her.

You can read Mariel's latest blog entry by clicking read more.

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"I think it’s kind of strange the way that listening to a certain song can bring you back to the frigid autumn breeze on an empty highway where the advice posted by the speed limit signs are never really taken and the sun seems like it will endlessly hang in the air even if you fall asleep, wake up and fall back asleep again.

And you remember the feeling in the back of that car, like how the small, cramped space you made for yourself between your sleeping bag and guitar case seemed so big. And how a couple hours from now you will put on your favorite denim jacket, run your fingers through your hair that was messy from laying around around all day and feel the wind try to break through the worn out threads on your favorite jeans. And you’d step out of the car onto wet leaves that stick to the bottom of your boots and you’d think about how you’ve got everything and nothing figured out. And a small part of you will wonder where he is and if he’s doing the same thing. And you hate that feeling. So turn the music louder and let the distortion drown out the way your insides feel like an itch you cant scratch.

But now, listening to that song, you still miss the feeling you hate.

and that is what makes me sad when I have writer’s block"

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