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Paramore New Album B-Sides Coming Soon?

Paramore definitely have a smart and dedicated fan base. After a little detective work, a group of fans found out that the tracks titled "Tell Me It's Okay", "Native Tongue" and "Escape Route" appear to be b-sides from the band's upcoming self-titled album.

There is no official word yet where or when these songs will surface.

You can read an excerpt from the fans' report by clicking read more.

Paramore's long-awaited self-titled new album will be released on April 9th through Fueled By Ramen Records.

For more information check out and search Hayley Williams, you must have an account to look at the records. You will see the songs and you can see it was cowritten by the producer Justen Mendel Johnson, so these songs were indeed written during the most recent writing session.

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