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The Summer Set New Album Titled "The Half Moon Kids"?

A new viral campaign launched yesterday, for 'The Half Moon Kids,' with a webpage containing a video saying all will be revealed on February 25th, 2013.

This is only speculation at this point, but after revisiting a blog from The Summer Set frontman Brian Dales from last summer, it could appear that The Half Moon Kids maybe the title of the band's long-awaited new album, which is expected to drop later this year.

You can check out Brian's blog post from last summer by clicking read more.


This has been the best summer of my life.

It all began when the 5 of us moved into a house in Tempe, Arizona to begin writing for album #3. We learned a lot about ourselves. As much as we love touring, it felt good to finally have a break.

By day we were lounging by the pool, barbecuing, and writing songs. By night we were reuniting with old friends, drinking more than necessary, shooting pool, having Bob Seger sing-a-longs, and doing a lot of naked swimming.

The most important thing is that the 5 of us became closer than ever and learned exactly what kind of record we want to make. Third time is a charm, right?

John and I have spent this whole month of July, along with most of this upcoming August, in Los Angeles collaborating with a handful of our favorite writers and producers. It's been an amazing experience. These are some of the best, most fun songs we've ever written and I promise in due time you will get to hear them. We're coming up on 20 demos right now.....we'll have 30 soon, then at the end of the year we'll decide on the best dozen and record them.

I wish this summer didn't have to end, but I can't wait to meet some new friends in South America this fall and see all of our UK friends again.

Oh, and there's a rumor we might tour in the US again at the end of the year. Details soon.

Long Live The Half Moon Kids,

Prince Brian.

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