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Travis Barker Charges Blink-182 $1.5 Million To Play Without Him In Australia?

According to AJ Maddah, the promoter of Australia's Soundwave Festival, Travis Barker has charged Blink-182 a sum of $1.5 million to continue to play without him on the band's current Australian tour.

You can see what Maddah had to say here and can find a statement released from Travis, following the promoter's comments made on Twitter, by clicking read more.

Barker announced recently that he will not be joining the band on their Australian tour due to his fear of flying.

"I have so much love for my fans. I get on a 7 day boat ride to go to Europe across the fucking Atlantic and 7 days back once a year. If they would’ve scheduled Australia around a boat schedule I would’ve made it. They didn’t though. They also didn’t schedule enough time to get from gig to gig without flying so I was forced not to go. A drummer had already been given the songs to learn more than a year ago. They hoped I could’ve got tan on a flight again but that’s likely not gonna happen as of now. Maybe one day. Not gonna get drugged up to get on a plane when I’m completely sober now. PMA and love to those who get it and understand, I appreciate you. Big bag a dicks to who don’t… Peace "

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